Light protecting device with press stroke launching

Light protecting device with press stroke launching has two main functions. The first is safety function, which protects operator in case of his entry to hazardous press area by immediate signal to stop hazardous press movement. This is base function of the device. But this device has also special function of press stroke launching in 1 pulse or 2 pulses mode.

This function is very useful. It makes work much more effective and safes time, because operator after putting out formed component from press tool and after putting in new component to the tool has not to initiate the stroke by two-hand control. The press stroke starts automatically after operator exits hazardous area of the press. This device meets all safety related requirements of current standards.

One pulse mode is used for small component forming. In case of bigger components, 2 pulses mode can be used.

This device made operator's work much more effective and shortened production time. As control system, we selected safety PLC manufactured by SICK. This modular system allows making tailor-made solution, which brings costs savings and allows future functionality extensions.

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